Upgrade MySQL 5.6 to 5.7

Complete steps to upgrade MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 5.7

Description of current setup:

We are currently using MySQL 5.6.34  on Linux Centos 7.

The upgrade version we have chosen is MySQL 5.7.21

Step 1:

Take dump of mysql schema and other important ones. (in case u need to downgrade to current version)

Step 2:

Stop MySQL service:

service mysql stop;

Step 3:

Remove your current MySQL rpms:

First select all installed MySQL rpms

yum list installed|grep -i "mysql"

Then you can remove all rpms having string 5.6 in their names

rpm -ev rpm-name

(we are using rpm -ev instead of yum remove as yum remove removes dependencies also)

Step 4:

Install new rpms

Link to official MySQL download site.

From here you can download the required rpm bundle according to your platform (32,64 bit).

Extract the rpms  from tar file:

tar -xvf downloaded-rpm-bundle.tar

Install each rpm in order as they are dependent on one another:

(mysql-common -> mysql-libs -> mysql-client -> mysql-server)

Try installing in this order and follow the error messages for correct ordering.

To install rpm use:

rpm -ivh file.rpm

Step 5

Start MySQL service:

service mysql start

Step 6

Use the same password as in older version

mysql_upgrade -u<user> -p<password>

Step 7

All Done ! Try logging using same credentials



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